Not only in the home kitchen but also in restaurants and hotels, while cooking for something, people have to be very cautious about the hair on the food. It ruins everything. Hair is a great source of disease contamination. That’s why it is important to Keep Hair Out of Food While Cooking is important. Now the question is, how to do it? Even if you were very cautious you still can’t Prevent Hair on Food While Cooking. Let’s see how to do it.

Use Shower Cap

You can say shower cap or it by any other name. However, the purpose is the same. While taking shower it will prevent water from touching your hair. While cooking, putting a shower cap on your head will help your hair to be inside the cage. Then even if it is falling, it will be within the cap. Not only While Cooking but also when you are serving the food to the customer, make sure your waiter is wearing caps too.

serving the food

Add Wax

It may be ridiculous but yes, adding gel on the hair while cooking is very effective. The function of gel is to hold the hair tight. Gel or wax will help your hair to hold tight in your head while you are busy with cooking. Some gels are getting melted when going near heat. That’s why for kitchen purposes, it would be better to use wax instead of gel.

Use Covers for The Food

While adding a salad to the food, or doing anything else with the food, you don’t make proper arrangements for covering up. Whenever you are opening any food substance in the kitchen, always cover up other food containers.

Keep Distance While Cooking

Sounds Unrealistic? Yes, we know. However, to prevent the hair from falling on the food while cooking, it is essential. Whenever you are cooking food, don’t go too close to the oven. Don’t down your head to taste. Instead, take a spoon, get some on it and then taste it. Don’t touch your hair while cutting vegetables and cooking in front of your hair. There are some silly mistakes like these because of which foods are having hair.

Just follow these tricks to prevent hair from falling on the food. We know the techniques are quite hard to apply however there is no better way. We hope this article will help you to lead healthy cooking.